Why does the U.S. government have this program?

It is a program designed to help bring up immigration levels from countries which traditionally have not had large numbers of immigrants to the United States in recent years.

What is a green card and what benefits are associated?

A green card is a permanent visa to live in the USA. You are allowed to take up any employment, get self-employed or don't work at all. The green card is also suitable for retirement in the USA. Green Card holders possess a large number of benefits, e.g. lower study fees, social security and health insurance benefits, possibility to work for the US-forces and other government institutions, the right to apply for green cards for other family members and the possibility to obtain US-citizenship after three or five years. With a green card you may also keep your current passport and live in the US for the rest of your life.

The country I was born in is on the list of non eligible countries, why is this so? Isn’t this discrimination?

There a few countries every year which persons born in those countries are not eligible to participate. It is not a discriminatory process, but rather an immigration control measure for those few countries that have had rather large number of immigrants to the United States in recent years.

By allowing persons born in those countries to participate would actually defeat the purpose of the program.

I was born in one of the ineligible countries but I am now a citizen or permanent resident of a qualifying country.Can I now participate?

Unfortunately the answer is no. Once again, the program is set up for countries with low migration numbers and just because you have been allowed access to another country for residency or citizenship has no bearing on the process.

I was born in an ineligible country, but I am now married to a person that was born in an eligible country, can I now participate?

Yes, you can claim your spouses country of birth for yourself, if you are legally married. (de facto relationships are not recognized by the US authorities.)

I was born in one of the ineligible countries, but my parents were only studying/travelling/visiting that country at the time of my birth and they were not considered residents of the non qualifying country at the time of my birth, can I participate?

In this particular instance, yes you can participate. If you are selected in the lottery it will be your responsibility to provide any and all documentation to prove your parents were not citizens or residents of that country at the time of your birth and that they were only temporarily in that country at that time.

Contact Green Card Support Service if you need further information regarding this.

I am married to a person from a non qualifying country, can I participate, and if I win can my spouse come to America with me?

The answer is yes if you were born in a qualifying country. Any winner of a Green Card can bring their spouse and unmarried children (regardless of their birthplace) under the age of 21 to the United States if they are selected.

I understand I must have at least 12 years education, is this true?

Yes, this is true. You will need to have successfully completed 12 years of schooling and be able to prove this, unless...

I do not have 12 years schooling, I left school at year 10. Am I able to do anything to be able to participate?

You may still qualify. If you have had an additional two years training at a technical school, participated as an apprentice for two years, or hold a job that requires at least two years training to be able to do the job you may qualify. Contact Green Card Support Service if you need further information regarding this or check your qualifications by starting your online application.

Do I need to have any special amount of money in the bank before I can migrate?

No, you do not need any specific amount of money to be able to participate, or migrate.

English is not my Native language. Do I need to pass an English test first?

No, you do not need to be able to speak English in order to participate in this program, or to migrate to the United States if you are selected.

I have friends and relatives which live in countries where Green Card Kosova does not have offices. How can they participate?

Any person, anywhere in the world can participate through this office of Green Card Kosova. Simply complete an application and provide the appropriate requested details from where ever you currently live.

How long does this process take? The answer to this questions is “It depends”.

It depends on when you enter, as this program is only held once a year. Green Card Support Service quits accepting applications for any given lottery at the end of the year. The notification of winners for that lottery will be announced approximately 6 months later.

How many times can I enter?

You can only participate once per year, but can enter every year.

Why should I use Green Card Kosova?

You clearly do not have to use Green Card Kosova, but we believe that you will be in better hands if you do. Annually we have a large number of winners, and over the past several years we have literally had hundreds of winners.

We know exactly what we are doing, and our success rate shows this fact. We can assure you that your entry will be 100% correct, delivered to the United States Authorities in time, and that if you win we will assist you through the remaining issues involved in obtaining the Green Card.

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